Benefits of Cupping vs. Massage

Benefits of Cupping vs. Massage

There have been feuds at the pool and, surprisingly, a lot of chatter about cupping. Several Olympic athletes, most prominent among them being swimming legend Michael Phelps, have been sporting major red circles on their bodies. It’s not some crazy Olympian disease – it is the aftermath of cupping, a traditional Chinese therapy that athletes like Phelps claim helps them recover.

What does the science say about cupping? So far, the results of research on cupping have been less than stellar. Most studies on cupping have used small sample sizes and have not been able to adhere to the double blind golden standard of research. A skeptical article in Slate calls the medical literature on cupping “a hot mess.”

Massage, on the other hand, has undergone much more extensive research and testing and has been found to be, according to the Mayo Clinic, “an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.”

There just isn’t enough information to know whether cupping truly works, but we know that massage does. We suggest you put your money toward a proven treatment for pain relief and book one of our wonderfully helpful massages at Revive Wellness Center in Palm Springs.

Posted on: September 6, 2018
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