How long before hair grows back from a Brazilian Wax?

Before we get into how long it will take for your hair to reappear, let’s discuss the hair growth cycle. Pubic hair is a type of terminal hair called androgenic hair.  Each hair follicle goes through three distinct phases:

The Hair Growth Cycle

  1. Anagen, or the growth phase.  This is the phase where the hair is actively growing longer.  The length of time hair remains in anagen phase determines how long it can grow – this is why the hair on your head can grow much longer than the hair on your armpits or pubic area.  Pubic hair stays in the anagen phase for 3 to 4 months, and about 30% of one’s pubic hair is in the anagen phase at any given time.
  2. Catagen, or the transition phase.  During this phase the hair stops growing, the follicle shrinks, and the hair is cut off from its blood supply.  The catagen phase only lasts for about 2 weeks, and only 2 or 3% of pubic hair is in this phase at a time.
  3. Telogen, or the resting phase.  In the telogen phase the follicle remains dormant and renews itself. The old hair is shed when the anagen phase begins again and the new hair pushes the old hair out of the follicle.  About 70% of pubic hair is in the telogen phase at a time, and it remains in this phase for about 3 months.

What all of this means is that an average Brazilian wax will only remove about 30% of your pubic hair by the root while it is in the anagen phase.  Most of the rest of your hair is in the telogen phase, so you are only removing the old, dead hair.  This means that you can expect to see noticeable hair regrowth within 2 to 3 weeks.  This will vary somewhat depending on how fast your hair grows naturally.

It will also vary depending on the season – in summer, your hair will grow faster, because you have increased blood circulation to the skin compared to winter.  This in turn provides more nourishment to the hair follicles, leading to more rapid growth.  Your hair will also tend to regrow more slowly if you get waxed regularly, since you are removing more of the hair by the root.

Sunscreen is Important for your Skin

Studies are conducted every day and each one comes to the same conclusion: benefits of daily sunscreen use are real and measurable.  Results from these studies also emphasize that daily sunscreen use can prevent aging and even incidental everyday sun exposure can significantly age your skin in less than five years.

Here’s how to get the most out of your sunscreen, you skin will thank you…

  • Apply a penny-sized amount of sunscreen to your face.
  • Make sure to apply your sunscreen liberally.  We tend to not apply enough sunscreen, and often only receive half the SPF we need because we don’t use enough.
  • Don’t forget your neck and hands.
  • Be sure to remember to apply sunscreen to your neck and hands.  In less than five years, hands can age by 20% if you are not applying daily sunscreen.
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin cancer.  Applying a sunscreen that contains both UVA and UVB protection may save your skin.
  • Sunscreens with antioxidants.

Sunscreens that contain antioxidants work best to prevent free radical damage to your skin.  Green tea and emblica are antioxidants that can help with pigmentation in your skin.

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How to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs

The most common is an accumulation of dead skin cells blocking the mouth of the follicle preventing the hair to surface properly. That, coupled with the fact that most people tend to be a bit dehydrated and have very dry surface skin. That surface layer of skin can get very brittle and tight making it very hard for hairs to break through that barrier.

The way to treat this condition is with good daily exfoliation and hydration. I use exfoliating gloves to scrub my body every day in the shower. Once or twice a week (depending on how dry my skin is) I treat myself to a thorough body scrubbing with an herbal body scrub. After every shower I slather my skin with a lavender body lotion to keep that surface skin hydrated, healthy, and keep those ingrown hairs at bay.

Another thing can cause ingrown hairs is (I hate to say it) curly hair. Yes, it is true… curly hair tends to “curl” it’s way back into the layers of skin. I know you can’t really do anything about the texture of your hair but regular (daily) exfoliation will help keep those curls above the surface of your skin instead of snaking through the layers of your epidermis. Also, using a salicylic acid product such as Tend Skin will help keep the follicles clear so the curl won’t hit any road blocks and decide to take a detour.

Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

Let’s not forget about the elephant in the room; ingrown hairs caused by shaving.  I don’t think I need to tell you about the havoc that is wreaked on your skin from shaving.  If hair reduction and removal is your goal, this is the worst of all possible solutions.  All that shaving does is cut the hair follicle, strengthening it and making it more coarse.  It also opens your skin to be more prone to an infection since it violently peels off layers of your skin rather than exfoliating making it easier for your hair to return into itself.

How to keep from getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving?  Wax!



Nail Color Match: Chic or Tacky?

Nail Color Match: Chic or Tacky?Not many girls like to match their attire, with the exception of socks and items of neutral color. However, some argue that matching polish makes one look more polished and deliberate. Matching your finger nail color to the hue on your feet has several benefits, including the fact that you forego the hassle of having to pick a second color. Some also prefer to match the colors (or use colors in the same family) based on their mood and the season. Matchy matchy is just their taste.

For ladies who don’t change the polish on their fingernails and toes at the same time, or think that matching is too confining, then there is no need to stick to matching, especially with so many colors to play around with. But even when the colors don’t match, they should coordinate together.

Coordinating can be a bit confusing, but your manicure does not have to match the pedicure with the exact same shade. What looks food on your hands may not necessarily suit your toes; so just mix it up. Some combos to try include:

  • Nude on your hands + Red on toes for a sophisticated look
  • Pastel (or light shade of pink, coral or mauve) + Pop (or darker shade of orange, purple, or fuchsia)
  • Complementary colors – those sitting opposite each other on the color wheel
  • Neutral nails + black toes during the cold seasons

Why You Need Regular Facials

We wrongly consider facials a luxury. Especially during fall and winter, it’s imperative to keep skin healthy and hydrated.  Sure we try the latest moisturizer at makeup counters and wear a night cream, but that just isn’t enough.

Here’s a great anti-aging remedy: get facials. Facials begin by deeply cleansing our pores. Exfoliation gets rid of the toxins. The mask hydrates and thoroughly enriches the skin. That massage that feels so great? Yes, it de-stresses. It also promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces fluid retention.

Revive’s Effervescent Facial uses a citric acid resurfacing masque. It exfoliates, promoting healthy cell turnover and leaves a luxurious softness. Revive’s Fire and Ice facial dissolves dead dermal cells then hydrates thirsty cells. The Ice portion distributes hyaluronic acid, green tea and natural extracts for a youthful you.   Revive’s Enzyme Facial is a luxurious foaming facial with natural fruit enzymes and clinical grade glycolic acid leaving you with younger looking, refreshed skin. Also ask us about our ProPeel Healthy Aging Therapy and Ultrasonic 302 line of medically based facials

By scheduling regular facials, you’re boosting collagen production and maintaining healthy skin balance.

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Your Wedding Day Pampering Packages

Bridesmaids Wedding PackagesHere at Revive Center  Salon & Spa we offer a wide variety of wedding packages.  Revive Salon and Day Spa’s in Palm Springs goal is to be of assistance in creating a relaxing, memorable experience on your very special day. Our wedding packages are designed to lift and soothe the spirit of any bridal party.  With 7 spa rooms and a large salon staff Revive is the spa for large bridal parties and bachelorette events.

  • The Bride
  • The Bridemaids
  • The Groom
  • Groomsmen
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Father of the Bride

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Beauty Sleep For Beautiful Skin

The conclusion of an article published by Life Extension Magazine which referenced 58 scientific articles is that chronic insomnia has a profound negative effect on skin health.  More specifically the article states “chronic insomnia inflicts significant damage to skin tissues that range from premature aging to disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis”.

It comes as no surprise that the article’s author mention’s that elevated levels of cortisone (aka “the stress hormone”) is associated with “poor-quality” sleep.  Neither was the mention of the negative effect on sleep quality from lower levels of melatonin associated with aging.

For me the most enlightening information in the article is the domino-effect of sleep deprivation causing a disruption of the “immune synchronization” (which occurs during long periods of restful sleep), which then leads disrupts the process of collagen formation.  Collagen, known mostly for maintaining skin elasticity, makes up 30% of the human body’s proteins, is required in the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells, and performs other vital functions for the skin and other parts of the body.


You can read the full article on the relationship between sleep deprivation and skin health at

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Freshen Up for the New Year

Freshen Up for the New Year

The holidays are known as the happiest time of the year…but somehow they also manage to be the most stressful time of the year. Maybe it comes from trying to referee your crazy family while making a perfect turkey on Thanksgiving, hosting the office holiday party, or getting the “it” thing for your kids this Christmas. When the wrapping paper has been swept up and the Christmas lights are down, you may feel plain exhausted.

Not exactly the best time to start hopping to on all those big New Year’s goals, huh?

Not to worry. You just need a little R&R, and that’s exactly what we can give you at Revive Wellness Center. We are all about the fabulous facials, the beautiful body treatments, and the magnificent massages. Let us pull all those holiday toxins out of your body, work out those knots in your neck and shoulders, and slough off the old skin on your face, so you can feel re-energized and invigorated in the new year! There’s one more present left under the tree in 2016, and it’s for you.

Call our Palm Springs office and “Treat Yo’ Self”! What a great way to start off 2017.

Get Beautiful For That Holiday Party!


We may always consider December to be a month of sleigh bells, Menorahs, and Christmas trees, but it’s also a month of parties. No doubt, you’ve already received a few invitations. There’s the office holiday party, the neighbor’s yearly shindig, and maybe a holiday party for the family or an organization that you volunteer with. Then of course, comes New Year’s, where you may decide this is the year to go downtown and celebrate big in the city.

Parties mean fancy dresses, big smiles, and lots and lots of pictures. Are you ready to show off your best side? If not, then book an appointment at Revive Wellness Center. If you just want to freshen up, our salon can give you a trendy new do and some beautiful highlights, along with a pedicure and manicure.

Want to take years off your face and body? We can relax away those frown lines and crows feet with Botox treatments, add tightness with Juvederm treatments, and make your skin glow with our Signature Facial and body treatments.

Make sure to book several days out from your first party!

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