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Can Scent Change Your Emotions?

Doesn’t it feel great to slide into a hot bath at the end of a stressful day at work? Sure, the warm water can help ease your tense muscle, but there’s something else that’s helping to unknot your stress. The smell of the bubble bath or bath oil you use can also help change your emotional state. It’s all because of the limbic system.

The limbic system is an area of your brain where your emotions live. It also stores your long-term memories and houses your olfactory bulbs. Have you ever wondered why certain smells can connect you so strongly to past memories? It’s your limbic system.

The fact that your emotional center and olfactory bulbs are practically neighbors also means that scent can affect your emotional well-being. If you want to let go of bad memories, then try lighting a candle or dabbing your wrist with an essential oil.

One of our favorite relaxing scents is lavender, which is why we’ve created our Lavender Body Exfoliation & Massage service. The crushed lavender body scrub we use is an important part of the relaxation process, helping your mind to let go of stresses and worries.

Contact us today to book your next lavender body exfoliation and massage in Palm Springs.

What is Moor Mud?

What is Moor Mud?At Revive Wellness Spa, one of our most popular treatments is our Austrian Moor Therapy Mud Wrap. Many of our clients come back again and again to have the potent Austrian Moor Mud applied to their skin. The result is glowing, soft skin that looks beautiful and rejuvenated. No wonder that celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow have been fans of Moor Mud for years. But what is this thick, dark substance? And why would anyone want to put mud on their face and skin?

Moor mud is cultivated in the moorlands of Austria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. What makes this mud so special is that it evolved over 20,000 years as a result of the natural decomposition of thousands of herbs, flowers, and grasses. Over the millennia, these plants turned into a fine paste that contains high concentrations of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, humic acids, and fulvic acids.

Moor mud easily absorbs into the skin, nourishing and detoxifying the skin as it works. Our clients tells us that their skin feels incredibly soft, smooth, and calm after each treatment. Ready to try Moor Mud for yourself? Book our Austrian Moor Therapy Mud Wrap at our Palm Springs spa center today!

Wrap It Up!

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Austrian Moor Therapy Mud Wrap
This is one of our most popular body treatments.  After a dry brushing to increase blood and lymph circulation, Austrian Moor Mud is applied and your body wrapped to let the mud do its work.  Moor Mud is used because it is one of the most potent natural healing substances containing bio-minerals, humic, fulvic, amino acids, and plant hormones. While the mud does its work you are pampered with a scalp, neck and foot massage. The treatment finishes
with a moisture surge lotion application for a wonderful result.
Seaweed Wrap
Experience the ocean’s healing and purifying powers! We use seaweed because
 it is one of nature’s most complete sources of nutrition. Our seaweed wrap helps
stimulate circulation, detoxify and soften your skin. Seaweed is applied and the
body is wrapped to help increase the seaweed’s effects. This therapy finishes with
a lotion application to hydrate and smooth your skin.
Cellulite Seaweed Wrap
This Andermath therapy system utilizes a GX-99 therapeutic vibrating electro-massage  machine to improve circulation and reduce cellulite with regular use. This treatment firms and improves skin tone and focuses on problem areas. A rejuvenating rich re-mineralizing seaweed wrap follows the machine treatment to soften and tone your body for a difference you can feel! The treatment finishes with a lotion application.

Beat the Holiday Pounds Before They Sneak Up On You


It’s the same story every year. As the holidays creep closer, you promise yourself that you’re going to avoid all the temptations of candy, stress eating, and skipping the gym. Then, somehow by New Year’s Eve you find yourself ten pounds heavier and suffering from yet another holiday weight gain hangover.

The holidays are usually the toughest time to lose weight. Halloween floods your house with candy, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to eat to excess, and December is an entire month filled with stress-inducing shopping, traveling, and the dreaded in-laws.

This year, beat the extra holiday pounds before they sneak up on you. Stop by Revive Wellness Spa and take a look at our comprehensive weight loss and weight maintenance programs. We can help you stay strong with nutritional coaching, rev up your metabolism with B12 shots, and more. No more post-holiday hangovers! Visit our Palm Springs and Torrance, California offices today.

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