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Get Ready for your Wedding at the Spa

Revive Center loves weddings and love helping brides and their bridal party get ready for their wedding day. Our Wedding Spa Services will give you a relaxing day and a beautiful bridal glow for you. It’s also a fun way to get your bridal party together before your special event.

It is important to look your best on your wedding day and you can get the look you want by going to a professional salon the morning of your wedding.  The entire wedding party can be pampered and beautiful for the day.  Men are welcome too for haircuts and grooming for the big day.

Call today for an appointment for you and your wedding party in the Palm Springs area.

Bridal Rehearsal Package – Ensure Your Perfect Day is Perfect

Bridal Rehearsal Package – Ensure Your Perfect Day is PerfectMost of us only plan to get married once, which means that your wedding day needs to be as perfect as possible. While you can’t plan for everything, you can make sure that there aren’t any unhappy surprises with your hair or makeup. After all, those pictures are going to last forever!

At Revive! Wellness Center, we offer a special package called “The Dressed Up Rehearsal.” If you’re already planning on a rehearsal dinner, don’t you want to rehearse your hair, makeup, and nails too?

Our package includes:

  • Trial bridal up-do
  • Trial bridal make-up
  • French manicure
  • Botanical facial
  • 60-minute massage

Trust us, you’re going to really deserve a nice massage in the run-up to your wedding.

The Dressed Up Rehearsal is a great opportunity for you to take the time to discuss different hair and makeup options with our expert cosmetologist and stylist, (something you may not have a lot of time to do on your wedding day), and to make corrections once everything is in place.

Now you’ll have one less thing to worry about on the most special day of your life!

Contact us today to schedule The Dressed Up Rehearsal package and the A-List Package for your big day.

Your Wedding Day Pampering Packages

Bridesmaids Wedding PackagesHere at Revive Center  Salon & Spa we offer a wide variety of wedding packages.  Revive Salon and Day Spa’s in Palm Springs goal is to be of assistance in creating a relaxing, memorable experience on your very special day. Our wedding packages are designed to lift and soothe the spirit of any bridal party.  With 7 spa rooms and a large salon staff Revive is the spa for large bridal parties and bachelorette events.

  • The Bride
  • The Bridemaids
  • The Groom
  • Groomsmen
  • Mother of the Bride
  • Father of the Bride

Call Revive to schedule your consultations and appointments now at

Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800

Ladies, Is It Time For a New Hairstyle?

643979_medNow is the time to put away all the bright pastels in your closet and bring back your cooler shades like browns, mauves, and forest greens. As you rotate out your wardrobe, perhaps the change of the season also means it’s time for a new hairstyle as well.

When is the last time you’ve changed up your hair? If you’re still rocking the same style you had a decade ago, it’s time to be bold. Consider trying some new colors, or at least subtle highlights. If your hair is hanging down to your butt, cut some inches off and add layers to frame your face. If you’ve been in pixie cut mode for a few years, then dare to dabble in extensions.

The beauty of trying a new hair style, body type, and/or color is that nothing has to be permanent. Hair can grow back and colors can be changed. So explore something different and wow your family with your new look when you see them for the holidays. Schedule an appointment today with the Revive Wellness Center’s hair salon.

Freshen Up for the New Year

Freshen Up for the New Year

The holidays are known as the happiest time of the year…but somehow they also manage to be the most stressful time of the year. Maybe it comes from trying to referee your crazy family while making a perfect turkey on Thanksgiving, hosting the office holiday party, or getting the “it” thing for your kids this Christmas. When the wrapping paper has been swept up and the Christmas lights are down, you may feel plain exhausted.

Not exactly the best time to start hopping to on all those big New Year’s goals, huh?

Not to worry. You just need a little R&R, and that’s exactly what we can give you at Revive Wellness Center. We are all about the fabulous facials, the beautiful body treatments, and the magnificent massages. Let us pull all those holiday toxins out of your body, work out those knots in your neck and shoulders, and slough off the old skin on your face, so you can feel re-energized and invigorated in the new year! There’s one more present left under the tree in 2016, and it’s for you.

Call our Palm Springs office and “Treat Yo’ Self”! What a great way to start off 2017.

Are We Entering a World of No More Gray Hair?

Getting Rid of Grey Hair

Are your gray roots starting to show? There may come a day when you never again have to dash down to the spa for a desperate root job. According to a new study in the Journal Nature Communications, scientists have identified the gene that turns hair gray. This leads to the possibility that sometime in the future, they may figure out how to turn that gene off. That means your long, luxuriously blonde, brunette, or red locks may never go gray again!

That’s not all the study found. It also identified genes for hair texture, eyebrow thickness, and beard thickness. Not only could you one day prevent those gray hairs from ever popping up, but you may also be able to tame your curls and get rid of that uni-brow without gobs of wax!

In the meantime, you’ll have to continue heading to your stylist to keep your hair looking lush with color. Contact Revive Center Spa to find a stylist today.

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