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Manicure and Pedicure: So enjoyable and Important

manicure and pedicureOn the surface, manicure and pedicure helps to prevent fragile tips and wear and tear on the nails, and gives you softer, smoother, and younger looking hands and feet. What you may not know is that professional nail treatment also offers long-term health benefits.

Your hands are constantly exposed to more dirt than any other part of your body, except perhaps your face. This means that they collect grime easily, and constantly slough off the old skin to create new skin cells. Your feet, on the other hand, are generally only exposed during spring and summer, but staying on your feet all day can create uneven skin conditions, such as callouses.

Professional nail treatment involves thorough clean to remove all grime and dead skin cells. Special lotions are used to exfoliate your skin and remove any callouses on your feet, which helps you distribute your weight evenly across your feed to eliminate back and leg pain after standing for extended periods.

The treatment also helps to detect and manage any fungal infections arising /from exposure to excess moisture, and the administration of moisturizers and cuticle treatments through massaging enhances blood flow and helps you relax better, for complete relief from your stressful week.

Nail Color Match: Chic or Tacky?

Nail Color Match: Chic or Tacky?Not many girls like to match their attire, with the exception of socks and items of neutral color. However, some argue that matching polish makes one look more polished and deliberate. Matching your finger nail color to the hue on your feet has several benefits, including the fact that you forego the hassle of having to pick a second color. Some also prefer to match the colors (or use colors in the same family) based on their mood and the season. Matchy matchy is just their taste.

For ladies who don’t change the polish on their fingernails and toes at the same time, or think that matching is too confining, then there is no need to stick to matching, especially with so many colors to play around with. But even when the colors don’t match, they should coordinate together.

Coordinating can be a bit confusing, but your manicure does not have to match the pedicure with the exact same shade. What looks food on your hands may not necessarily suit your toes; so just mix it up. Some combos to try include:

  • Nude on your hands + Red on toes for a sophisticated look
  • Pastel (or light shade of pink, coral or mauve) + Pop (or darker shade of orange, purple, or fuchsia)
  • Complementary colors – those sitting opposite each other on the color wheel
  • Neutral nails + black toes during the cold seasons

Would You Like Some Reflexology with Your Pedicure?

Would You Like Some Reflexology with Your Pedicure?Pedicures feel great and make your toes look great, but can they get even better? We think so, which is why we’ve created our holistic reflexology pedicure service. This is a combination of a 30-minute relaxing reflexology massage combined with a fantastic pedicure.

Reflexology feels wonderful, but it’s also a serious art form, just like a deep tissue massage or acupuncture. Trained reflexologists learn to apply pressure to certain areas of the feet in order to address health concerns throughout the body. It can also be used to help alleviate tension, anxiety, and fatigue.

That’s a lot more than you expected to get out of a simple pedicure, right? Give it a try! Many of our customers absolutely love the reflexology aspect of this treatment and also don’t mind going home with beautifully painted toes either! Contact our clinic in Palm Springs to schedule your first holistic reflexology pedicure today!

Pretty Feet for the Holiday Parties

Pretty Feet for the Holiday Parties

Having nice toenails and finger nails are important for everyday, but the Holiday and New Year’s Parties will really show off your beautiful feet and toenails.

Make an appointment to get your Pedicure for the New Year’s Parties in Palm Springs.  You can get some custom glitter added and match your cocktail dress or evening gown.

There are many places to go to party on New Year’s in Palm Springs,  check out the Copa Club,  Las Consuelas and the Village Pub for the New Year’s parties for great music and dancing.

How About a Little Reflexology with Your Pedicure?

If you thought pedicures were addicting before, consider our holistic reflexology pedicure. Haven’t heard of reflexology? It’s a special type of massage the focuses on the hands and feet. Practitioners of reflexology apply pressure to certain points along the hands and feet in order to help heal other systems throughout the body.

Now, we combine this ancient tradition with the pedicure you already love. Your feet will never feel the same! During this service, you will receive 30 minutes of reflexology. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s worth experiencing at least once. The pressurized massage feels great, and you may be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards. Many people believe that reflexology can provide health benefits for conditions such as anxiety, diabetes, headaches, cardiovascular disease, allergies, and more. Even if you are unsure about holistic medicine, the massage itself is relaxing. At the end of it, you’ll also get a full pedicure, so your body will be feeling good and your toes will look fabulous!

Schedule your holistic reflexology pedicure today!

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