How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last Until It Needs To Be Done Again?

If you are wondering how long you should go between Brazilian waxes, it depends on the factors mentioned below.  Hair grows about 1/8 inch per week, but keep in mind that most of your pubic hair is dormant at any given time.  So while the hair that was just beginning the andogen phase after you get waxed will be the 1/4 inch length needed for a Brazilian wax after two weeks, much of your hair will still be resting.

Since the dormant period is about 3 months, you can expect about half of your pubic hair to be growing again in 6 weeks.  You can usually get a Brazilian wax every 6 to 8 weeks.  If you get waxed on a regular basis, you will probably be able to go even longer between waxes, since your hair will be thinner and more in sync with your waxing schedule.

Make Waxing a Little Less Painful

If we are being honest here, waxing usually hurts pretty bad.  Well I have some tips for you to help try and avoid asWaxing Tips much pain as possible.

  1. Choose the Right Professional
  2. Schedule the Appointment After your Period
  3. Drink Plenty of H2O
  4. Skip the Cocktail Before Hand
  5. Scrub Your Body Before Waxing
  6. Ask for All-Natural Wax

Revive’s Spa Wax Therapy significantly reduces the discomfort caused by other waxing techniques. A large percentage of the pain from waxing is from the top of layer of skin being pulled off with the hair follicles. Typical waxing damages your skin and eventually causes premature wrinkles.

Revive’s four–step waxing process protects delicate skin from the wax. Our skin therapists take extra care to protect your skin and to not undo your skin care progress. Our Spa Waxing Therapy quickly removes unwanted hair with much less discomfort while protecting your skin from damage and wrinkles!

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