Weight Loss

Beat the Holiday Pounds Before They Sneak Up On You


It’s the same story every year. As the holidays creep closer, you promise yourself that you’re going to avoid all the temptations of candy, stress eating, and skipping the gym. Then, somehow by New Year’s Eve you find yourself ten pounds heavier and suffering from yet another holiday weight gain hangover.

The holidays are usually the toughest time to lose weight. Halloween floods your house with candy, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to eat to excess, and December is an entire month filled with stress-inducing shopping, traveling, and the dreaded in-laws.

This year, beat the extra holiday pounds before they sneak up on you. Stop by Revive Wellness Spa and take a look at our comprehensive weight loss and weight maintenance programs. We can help you stay strong with nutritional coaching, rev up your metabolism with B12 shots, and more. No more post-holiday hangovers! Visit our Palm Springs and Torrance, California offices today.

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