Ladies, Is It Time For a New Hairstyle?

643979_medNow is the time to put away all the bright pastels in your closet and bring back your cooler shades like browns, mauves, and forest greens. As you rotate out your wardrobe, perhaps the change of the season also means it’s time for a new hairstyle as well.

When is the last time you’ve changed up your hair? If you’re still rocking the same style you had a decade ago, it’s time to be bold. Consider trying some new colors, or at least subtle highlights. If your hair is hanging down to your butt, cut some inches off and add layers to frame your face. If you’ve been in pixie cut mode for a few years, then dare to dabble in extensions.

The beauty of trying a new hair style, body type, and/or color is that nothing has to be permanent. Hair can grow back and colors can be changed. So explore something different and wow your family with your new look when you see them for the holidays. Schedule an appointment today with the Revive Wellness Center’s hair salon.

Posted on: March 12, 2018
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