Massage Palm Springs

Palm Springs Massage

Revive has been voted as having the #1 massages in Palm Springs since 2007. We price our massage therapies for local residents so visitors to the desert can experience the best massages and value. With 6 available massage rooms (2 couple’s rooms), Revive is the place for large groups looking for superb spa experiences.

Revive books at the top of hour. The length of the services reflects your amount of time being treated by your therapist.

Hot Pack Massages

Our Hot Pack Massage in Palm Springs is our most popular full-body service. Using a combination of clinical therapeutic hot pack techniques with medium pressure provides relaxation and muscle tension relief. This massage also provides extra attention to specific problem areas.

30 min. $69 (add-on to Body Treatments only)
60 min. $99
90 min. $119

Deep Tissue & Sports Hot Pack Massage

Revive’s Deep Tissue massage combines physical therapy hot packs with advanced therapeutic techniques to loosen the deeper layers of muscles to decrease muscle tightness, increase flexibility and improve muscle circulation.

30 min. $79 (add-on to Body Treatments only)
50 min. $119
80 min. $139

Hot Stone Massage

Revive’s Hot Stone Massage is the Rolls Royce of luxurious massages in Palm Springs. This massage combines deep heat stone therapy with therapeutic techniques for an exquisite massage experience. This massage is the perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

60 min. $119
90 min. $139

Cranio-Sacral Massage:

30 min. $69
60 min. $119

Lavender Body Exfoliation & Massage:  

This exquisite treatment begins with a crushed lavender body scrub to exfoliate your skin and open your pores. You are then dry brushed to remove the scrub and massaged using essential massage oils.

60 min. $89
90 min. $119

Reflexology Massage

This foot treatment works areas of the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body. This therapy relieves stress and releases energy throughout the entire body. This treatment can be combined with a spa pedicure for an exceptional experience.

30 min. $49
60 min. $79

Pregnancy Massage

Experienced and specially trained massage therapists in Pregnancy Massages adapt your massage to your specific needs as a pre or postnatal mother. Careful positioning and cushions are used for optimum comfort and safety. This service is a must–have for relief from the aches, pains, and stresses of pregnancy and childbirth. This therapy is approved for all stages of a healthy pregnancy.

60 min. $99
90 min. $119

Couples Massages:

Hot Pack Couples Massage
60 min. – $198.00 per couple
90 min. – $238.00 per couple

Deep Tissue or Sports Couples Massage
60 min. – $218.00 per couple
90 min. – $258.00 per couple

Fushion Stone Therapy Massage

60 min. – $218.00 per couple
90 min. – $258.00 per couple

In-Home or In-Room Massage Treatments

Revive therapists provide massage treatments in the privacy of your own home, condo or resort. Revive provides the massage table, linens and all necessary supplies. Please call for more information – Advance notice required.

Full one-hour massages start at: $119, and we offer couples option for all massages.

Call Revive to schedule your consultation and appointment at Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800.

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