Medical Massage

Carpal Tunnel  – 30 minutes, 79

  • Relieves numbness, tingling, weakness, and other problems in your hand because of pressure on the median nerve

Chronic Low Back Pain – 1 Hour, 125

  • Reduces/Relieves low back pain, tightness, improve low back mobility, improve sleep
  • Works to relieve low back issues caused by sitting, injuries, over use, pregnancy and other conditions.

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Issues\Pain – 1 Hour, 125

  • Works to relieve the pain, stiffness and tension caused by many day-to-day activities, injuries and stress.

Chronic Upper Back Pain/Tightness – 1 Hour, 125

Reduces/Relieves upper back pain, tightness, stress, muscle aches, pulling, soreness, improve sleep

Fibromyalgia – 1 Hour, 125

  • Reduces reported levels of pain, anxiety, depression, increase relaxation, aids with toxic flushing

Hip (non joint related) – 1 Hour, 125

  • Reduces/Relieves hip pain, improve flexibility and range of motion, improved sleep

Knee – 30 minutes, 79

  • Reduces/Relieves pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce tightness

Migraines/Head Aches – 30 minutes

  • Reduce/relieve head pain, reduce reoccurrences of pain, relieve stress, improve sleep

Muscle Tension – 1 Hour, 125

  • Reduces/Relieves muscle tension in focused areas, reduce/relieve pain, improve flexibility and range of motion

Myofascial Pain Syndrome – 30 minutes, 79

  • Helps improve myo-fiber function, helps with soreness and fatigue from chronic muscle tightness, improves overall health of muscles

Myofascial Release – 1 Hour, 125

Reduces/Relieves pain in the body and improves muscle motion

Neck – 30 minutes, 79

  • Improve neck mobility and range of motion, reduce headaches, improve mind clarity, improved sleep, also benefits upper shoulders.

Piriformis Syndrome – 1 Hour, 125

  • Helps reduce pain, tingling, or numbness in the buttocks that may extend down the leg.

Rotator Cuff – 1 Hour, 125

Reduces/relieves dull ache deep in the shoulder, improve mobility of shoulder, improve sleep, help with daily activities, strengthen muscles.

Sciatica – 1 Hour, 125

Helps reduce or relieve pain that extends from the lower back all the way through the back of the thigh and down through the leg, foot or toes.

TMJ – 30 minutes, 79

Helps reduce jaw pain, increase client’s awareness of TMJ, reduce muscle tension in face and head, reduce stress and restrictions in the neck and facial muscles.

Whip Lash – 30 minutes, 79

  • Relieves the front and back neck muscles of trauma caused pain, reduces/relieves headaches, improved range of motion, improved sleep
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