From the Rainforest to Our Skin!

Dr. Richard Huber’s research team from Eli Lilly and Company was funded by a grant from MIT to: “Go to the rain forest and discover the Fountain of Youth!”

During their two-year research expedition, Dr. Huber’s team encountered a community of farmers growing coffee beans in the mountains of Guatemala. In this region, Dr. Huber discovered members of this one village who had youthful, disease and acne free skin that was almost unaffected by the equatorial sun.

Dr. Huber learned that the only significant difference between this “Fountain of Youth” community and other farmers was these people supplemented their daily with avocados from the trees shading their coffee crops. Dr. Huber learned residents in this village ate 8-10 avocados per person, per day!

Dr. Huber realized that there was something in the avocados that was causing their youthful skin. He returned to his lab and isolated the avocado molecule that was internally protecting the farmer’s skin from the effects of environmental aging. After extensive testing, Dr. Huber created the all-natural 302 Skincare line so that everyone could benefit from avocado’s healing and youthful effects without eating 8-10 avocados every day.


Testing revealed the healthy-aging serum, called Avogen, contained in avocados had a molecular weight of 302. This means the molecules are small enough to flow through our 28 layers of protective skin cells and reach our dermis where our skin is created. 302 is unlike anything else. 302 Skincare is a nutrient based treatment. 302 deliver the Avogen nutrients to our dermis layer to reduce wrinkles and keep our skin youthful and hydrated.

The Nevada Cancer Institute uses 302 Drops and Serums for cancer radiation treatment burns because they’ve found Avogen to be the most effective treatments they’ve found for their patient’s recovery.

Instead of eating 300 avocados every month, all 302 Drops, Serums, or orally by Avogen’s supplement capsules, contain the most effective concentration of the avocado’s active molecule for daily use. After cleansing, one application per day provides the optimal amount of Avocatin to restore your skin to a more youthful condition. Multiple applications per day an also help your skin’s recovery from post-op treatments and wound care to diminish or eliminate skin scaring.

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Revive is one of the most experienced practitioners of 302 Skincare and can help you select the correct product for you. Revive utilizes the latest galvanic and ultra-sound technologies for gentle and superior skin care. Revive has been using 302 for over 5 years without negative reactions so we know its safe and effective.

Call Revive for a phone consultation @ 760-325-4800 with one of our estheticians or medical personnel to ensure you receive the right therapy for your skin.

Complete 302 at-home therapy costs much less than $1 per day. Ineffective or inappropriate skin products waste money and can even accelerate your skin’s aging. Daily 302 use will turn back the clock on your skin’s age.

302 Skincare’s mission is for people to have the correct 302 products for their skincare issues and goals. 302 Skincare products have clinical strength formulations so using the correct products is important. One of Revive’s goals is to provide the 302 therapies that are right for you at affordable prices.

Vivant Pharmaceuticals

Latisse Eyelashes Palm SpringsViviant pharmaceutical is an excellent solution to acne, hyperpigmentation, and anti – aging. Vitamin A Propionate softens fine lines and reducing wrinkling by promoting new collagen formation. Vivant Pharmaceuticals has proven results, within 2 to 4 months you should see improvement of fine lines, 2 to 4 weeks for reduced acne, and lightening of pigmentation begins after 1 month of treatment.


Latisse For Longer, Thicker, Darker Lashes

Latisse Eyelash Lengthener – LATISSE™ is now available at Revive in 2 sizes, 3 ml (120) and 5 ml (179).

The 3ml size will grow lashes for up to 3 months, the 5ml for up to 5 months.

Call Revive at (760) 325-4800 for Revive’s LATISSE™ introductory pricing and begin growing your own longer, thicker and darker lashes.


LATISSE™ will save you time and money over other products that claim to deliver results that only LATISSE™ can achieve.

LATISSE™ can only be purchased from a medical practice or pharmacy by prescription. So don’t be taken advantage of by suppliers claiming to have an eyelash conditioner that’s as effective as LATISSE™.

Call Revive to schedule your consultation and appointment in Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800. And please, bring a picture of yourself from 10 years ago so the aesthetic medical experts can better help you achieve your goals.

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