Revive’s Clinical Skin Care Services

Healthy Aging Skin Care Treatments at Revive Wellness help patients reverse the effects of aging that only medically based treatments can provide. We have effective strategies to help you accomplish your appearance goals.

Ultrasonic 302 Signature Facial

This unbelievable treatment is the “Bentley” of facials and has to be experienced to be believed. It produces instant, and sustainable, results right before your eyes. After an expert skin analysis the first phase of the facial greatly improves the extraction process using ultrasonic technology. Following a conditioning masque, a comforting ultrasound procedure penetrates the 302 active serums 400 times deeper than regular topical therapy can accomplish. This 302 Facial Therapy is a medical grade procedure that jump-starts the healthy aging process! Your Skin Therapist finishes the therapy with anti-aging skin training to ensure you can continue your therapy at home. Our 302 Facial is what you want every facial to be.

Service: 90 min. 125

Ultrasonic 302 Boost Facial

This therapy involves the same results as our Ultrasonic 302 Signature Facial but it is specifically designed to help you recover from acid peels or if you have environmentally damaged skin. It is especially beneficial for people with sensitive or rosecea prone skin. Special soothing and healing products are used so you can experience relief from and begin your healing process.

Service: 90 min. 129

Ultrasonic 302 Plus Facial

This therapy involves the same results as our Ultrasound 302 Signature Facial but it is specifically designed for aged or heavily damaged skin. Your skin therapist will recommend the most effective facial for you once your skin has been evaluated.

Service: 90 min. 139


Revive’s Ultimate Facial 

Revive’s Ultimate Facial helps our skin receive the topical nutritional products used in our ultrasound facial. After cleansing and skin softening Revive’s medical skin experts perform a diamond micro-derm treatment to open up the top layers of the epidermis. This allows the microscopic nutritional products to penetrate into the dermis layer via our ultra-sound device and rejuvenation our outer skin where the body generates it. This facial is non-inflammatory and sustainable with the nutritional take home therapy that continues your skin’s rejuvenation.

2 hours: 199


Effervescent Facial (w/extractions)

Service: 60 min. 149


ProPeel Healthy Aging Therapy @ Revive! Wellness Center!

Revive uses Vivant’s medical grade ProPeel by Dr. Robert Fulton, the co-creator of RetinA. This ProPeel therapy is a carefully controlled therapy that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines, acne treatments and blotchy pigmentation. This therapy is also safe for Asian and Ethnic skin types. Best results are achieved by pre-conditioning the living skin beneath the dead top layers with Vivant’s Anti-aging Skin Rejuvenation Therapy. For best ProPeel results Revive recommends the following at-home preparation schedule for your ProPeel therapy:

Skin Type Pre-Conditioning

Blonde 4-6 weeks

Brunette 8-10 weeks

Brown 12-14 weeks

Black 16-20 weeks

ProPeel: 60 min. 250

Healthy Aging Facial Preparation for ProPeels

Our ProPeel therapy is a part of our anti-aging system for skin rejuvenation for gentle, effective results. Revive has a number of programs for both dry and oily skin.

Anti-aging Prep Facial: 60 min. 89


Microdermabrasion Facial 

This procedure targets imperfections without using harsh chemicals nor does it require any recovery down time. It helps speed the natural process of epidermal cell regeneration and improves skin texture and tone. This service includes a deep cleansing of the skin, a ‘microdermabrasion exfoliation’ followed by a mask enriched with vitamins A, C & E. The results can include:

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restoration of dull and congested skin
  • Improvements in sun-damaged skin
  • Enhanced anti-aging conditions in the skin
  • Increased circulation to scar tissue
  • Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks

30 min. 89

60 min. 129


Micro-Current Facial Toning with Detoxification 

This treatment helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, scars and hyper-pigmentation; nourishes and promotes the regeneration of new cells; creates cleaner, clearer and smoother skin; increases skin’s receptivity to topical products and energizes the skin’s immune system.

60 min. 139


Acne Therapy

30-90 min. 79 & up


Eye Lift Toning

Treatment reduces the appearance of puffy eyelids, dark circles and wrinkles with our most complete & specific eye contouring treatment. Concerns around the eyes are addressed to include regeneration, drainage, firming and comfort. This service is an excellent choice to combine with any of our facial treatments.

30 min. 79


Call Revive for a free consultation in Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800, to recover the more youthful and beautiful you. And please, bring a picture of yourself from 10 years ago to help your medical expert know what you want to achieve with your healthy aging treatments at Revive.

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