Revive’s Exclusive Spa Waxing Therapy

Revive’s Spa Wax Therapy significantly reduces the discomfort caused by other waxing techniques. A large percentage of the pain from  waxing is from the top of layer of skin being pulled off with the hair follicles.Typical waxing damages your skin and eventually causes premature wrinkles.

Revive’s four–step waxing process protects delicate skin from the wax. Our skin therapists take extra care to protect your skin and to not undo your skin care progress. Our Spa Waxing Therapy quickly removes unwanted hair with much less discomfort while protecting your skin from damage and wrinkles!


Brazilian**  $69

Extended Bikini  $39

Bikini   $34

Brows  $24

Chin  $12

Lip  $12

Full Face  $49

Underarms  $23

Arms  $39

Hands  $9

Upper Legs  $49  Add Bikini  $20

Lower Legs  $35

Back/Shoulders  $69

Happy Trail    $8

Chest  $39

Toes & Feet    $6

Nose   $15

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment Consultation**  Free


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