Wrap It Up!

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Austrian Moor Therapy Mud Wrap
This is one of our most popular body treatments.  After a dry brushing to increase blood and lymph circulation, Austrian Moor Mud is applied and your body wrapped to let the mud do its work.  Moor Mud is used because it is one of the most potent natural healing substances containing bio-minerals, humic, fulvic, amino acids, and plant hormones. While the mud does its work you are pampered with a scalp, neck and foot massage. The treatment finishes
with a moisture surge lotion application for a wonderful result.
Seaweed Wrap
Experience the ocean’s healing and purifying powers! We use seaweed because
 it is one of nature’s most complete sources of nutrition. Our seaweed wrap helps
stimulate circulation, detoxify and soften your skin. Seaweed is applied and the
body is wrapped to help increase the seaweed’s effects. This therapy finishes with
a lotion application to hydrate and smooth your skin.
Cellulite Seaweed Wrap
This Andermath therapy system utilizes a GX-99 therapeutic vibrating electro-massage  machine to improve circulation and reduce cellulite with regular use. This treatment firms and improves skin tone and focuses on problem areas. A rejuvenating rich re-mineralizing seaweed wrap follows the machine treatment to soften and tone your body for a difference you can feel! The treatment finishes with a lotion application.
Posted on: January 15, 2018
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